Become one of many clients to join our Consignment program.

3 Simple Steps -

World Collection sends stock of your choosing, no upfront cost

World Collection will contact you for your in stock numbers after 2 months. Invoiced for sold stock only

World Collection immediately sends replacements for whats sold!

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Why join our Consignment Program?

No upfront costs

Only pay for sold items! No upfront costs means no risk!

There is no risk of having excess stock left over. If the products don't work for your store, send them back!

Try new products

Try out a whole range of World Collection products with no risk involved

Always be fully stocked

World Collection continually replaces your sold items. Your customers will always have a full selection of designs to choose from

It's Simple!

World Collection makes the consignment experience easy. We do all the work!

World Collection has created a consignment program which has been successful for more than 100 clients since 2018.

Our goal is to make this program as efficient as possible, making the experience for our clients simple.

So very often when speaking to retailers, we would ask ‘how much stock they have left from our previous order?’. The answer is usually a low quantity. There is not much choice for your customers when you have run down to quantities of one or two. We understand though, we are one of many suppliers (sometimes hundreds) and it is easy to lose track.

That is why we do the work for you! World Collection has streamlined the consignment program so there is little work involved. All we ask is to reply via a call or email the quantities of what you have left every two months. A call typically takes 2-3 minutes.

The day of or next day, World Collection sends replacement stock and only invoices you for what you have sold - with your replacements comes a current reconciliation, a recent track record of your previous count. World Collection keeps a full reconciliation that shows every activity that is made.

  • Your stock levels are always full
  • It’s only every 2-3 months
  • A quick 2-minute phone call
  • Choose the designs you like or just simply ask for a best-seller mix
  • Only pay for what you have sold
  • Does not work? Send them back!

Sign up today and give it a try!

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