About World Collection

World Collection is a premier wholesale company delivering only quality merchandise from around the globe for the pleasure of Australian Customers.

World Collection represents the following brands:

Kelnet (France): Producers of Velour & Microfibre products. We import 3 products from them, including an extremely popular Velour Glass Case. They have an extensive range of Fine Art images in their catalogue that are well received here in Australia.

Colorarthur (France): Producers of Velour & Microfibre products. We import 4 products from this company that compliments the Kelnet range nicely. This company also offer a range of Fine Art images.

Plumeria (Austria): Producers for quality Fine Art merchandise to 20 Countries around the world. Products include Glasses Cases, Coin Purses, Cushions, Scarves, Cosmetic Bags.

Wentworth Wooden Puzzles (UK): Producers of premium quality wooden Jigsaw puzzles. This is now our 12th year representing Wentworth. They also offer a delightful selection of Fine Art and Contemporary Art images in a range of sizes.

Fukui (Japan): Producers of traditional Japanese stationery. We import a range of Fan Greeting Cards in two sizes.

Lichfield Leather (UK): This company offers a popular range of applique leather bags and purses. They also produce a range of mens leather wallets (Tumble & Hide) made from Italian leather.

Bortoletti (Italy): Producers of quality traditional writing instruments including feathers, dip pens, inkwells and wax seals.

Two key elements we look for when offering a product line to our client base:

1). Quality; and

2). Uniqueness.

There is also a common thread that flows through our rangeā€¦.FINE ART.

All of our products are available for purchase online.

For wholesale enquiries please visit our wholesale area where you will be given a password to access this area of our site.