30 Day Product Trial

The purpose of this initiative is to simply enable you to trial a new product in your shop and assess its suitability without obligation.
After 30 days we will contact you to see how the product faired.
1). Happy with the results, you pay for stock.
2). Product does not suit, return them at our cost. We would only invoice you for the items not returned....at least you tried!!

To find out exactly how this trial works, please refer to the Ordering Process immediately below the 18 products listed.

30 Day Product Trial - Ordering Process

1. Click on the product icon/s of choice, enter '1' into the quantity box. These will be added to the shopping cart. You can select as many products to trial as you like. Finalise the order and you will receive an 'Order Confirmation' for your records.
2. World Collection will now select the best selling product images to send from the pre-determined quantity for each product.
3. An invoice will be raised by World Collection and will accompany the items being sent. This is purely to assist us with inventory control. This invoice is not to be paid and will be clearly labelled as a 30 day Trial Invoice.
4. We will enclose with the products an Australia Post Pre-paid, pre-addressed satchel to be used for any stock that needs to be returned. We simply ask that you pop this satchel into the post box.
5. World Collection will contact you after 30 days to determine if the trialled product is suitable for your business or not. If YES, then we will raise an invoice (freight free) for payment. If NO, we will ask you to return any unsold products in the satchel provided. N.B. An invoice will be raised for any stock not returned.