Microfibre Pockets

1). If you are purchasing Microfibre Pockets for the first time, a minimum order of 36 pieces (or 3 Collection sets of 12 designs) applies. A display unit is provided with this product. No minimums apply to subsequent orders.
2). Microfibre Pockets are now available in an exciting range of design Collections. Each Collection contains 12 different images. World Collection will still offer individual ART images but only whilst stocks last.
3). For more information about Microfibre Pockets please refer to the information page About Microfibre Pockets located at the bottom of this product category listing.

At the bottom of this page are 21 new images soon to be released, scheduled to leave France on the 20th November.
The thumbnail images are tagged with COMING SOON, but at this stage you will not be able to order them via the website.

If you would like to pre-order any of these images, please contact either Philip (0425 351 252) or Peter (0431 707 193).