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Product Information:

  • Made in France of high-tech Microfibre Cloth.
  • Each Microfibre Pocket is 4 cm wide * 6 cm long (12 cm when fully open) * 3 mm thick. It comes packaged in a durable hard plastic case to protect the Microfibre Pocket when not in use. Ideal for a purse or handbag.
  • Each Microfibre Pocket consists of a sponge sleeve enveloped by microfibre cloth on each side.
  • Microfibre Pockets cleans any sensitive object, captures dust, removes fingerprints and grease particles.
  • The Microfibre Pocket is best machine washed at 30 C without the use of fabric softener.
  • The Microfibre Pocket can be used for all glass lens including spectacles, mobile phones and camera lenses.
  • Over 30 images available across a range of popular categories.

Point of Sale Display Unit available:







Each Microfibre Pocket display unit can house up to 32 pieces.

22cm (W) * 18cm (H) * 17cm (D)